Bittersweet Apples

Bittersweet fruit has an acidity of <0.45% and a tannin of >0.2%

Tannin infers extra "body" or "bite" into drinks and are types of complex flavonoid polyphenols

What all this means is that these apples yield juice that has a more interesting and fuller flavour and will generally yield a drier taste.

These apples do not appeal to most people for eating or drinking as a pure apple or juice.

Our main Bittersweet varieties are Dabinett, Harry Masters Jersey and Ellis Bitter.

We have transitioned from our former intensive "bush" orchards to an agroforestry growing system for our bittersweet fruit.

Our Heritage (Standard) orchards contain many varieties including Wilbury, Old Hereford, Bulmers Norman, Chisel Jersey, Bloody Turk, Michellin, Ashton Brown Jersey, Somerset Readstreak, Adams Permain, Winnals Early, Dabinett. Medaille D'or, Foxwhelp, Strwaberry Norman, Yarlinton mill, Bramley, Broadleaf norman, Cherry Norman, Blenheim Orange, Richard Norman, Sweet Alford, Kingston Black and Cherry Permain.