Bittersweet Apples in Barrow bags Shake and Catch Harvested

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Consistency and quality is achieved through our "Shake & Catch harvest system and the choice of varieties that are earlier ripening and more reliable than our Heritage varieties. Fruit is then rapidly chilled so overall this is the closest you will get to a hand picked sample, without such a large premium cost.

Approximately 80 - 100 Kg / Bag, depending upon variety and season

This is an ideal configuration for most large cars, vans and trailers (please read note below).

Bag size (empty 46x46x91 cm)

Price is Ex Farm.

Barrow bags have a discharge spout, top skirt and lifting strops have a 250Kg SWL and can be reused for all sorts of things.

Approximately Two week lead time

nb - We cannot guarantee to be able to load into all cars / vans or how many might fit in to various models of car. Please note bag sizes and be mindful that the straps are suspended from above with pallet tines. The example in the photographs shows a customers discovery with Four barrow bags loaded and a VW Passat estate with Two barrow bags loaded lengthways on..

Harry Masters Jersey - a mid season cider apple variety and ripen in mid October.

These are grown in an agroforestry system in "Banky" field.

They are classed as a full Bitttersweet with excellent high levels of Sugars and Tannins.

Dabinett is one of the most popular cider apple varieties.

These are grown in either Harp or Little Harp orchards and ripen in Late October

As a Medium bittersweet it has a soft but full bodied tannin.

Stated by Andrew Lea as " a must have for behaviour and blending, this variety is also well suited for a single variety cider.

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