Since 2007 we have planted over 50,000 fruit trees, mainly on a fruit wall “hedgerow” system. Subsequently we have encountered huge variability in weather patterns which have affected the growth of our trees to such an extent that we have had to remove Two of the varieties planted.

What we have learnt is that in future we need to plant more robust trees on a less intensive system. These will hopefully thrive with more air and light which also means that we will significantly cut down on inputs and maximise the health and nutrient qualities of the fruit.

Over the next Three Years we have a programme in place to plant Nut trees and 2500 Birch and willow trees for biomass.

We have carefully chosen types and varieties that will enhance the health and nutritional characteristics of the fruit.

This is a huge commitment on our part and will take several years to come to fruition but we will keep you all posted along the way.

New Plantings at Throne Farm

mulch to retain moisture, encourage soil biology and smother weeds

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