What’s happening this summer…..

Indifferent weather will delay harvest of our arable crops and we are also waiting for the last of the wildflowers to seed before making hay in our traditional meadows.

This Summer

Our business mantra continues to be “uncertainty”, manifest by Brexit, new agricultural policy, covid, war and markets. Labour remains desperately short and input costs desperately high. Bigger hits on food markets are likely in 2023 as stocks of any inputs at lower prices dissapear.

  • Facing a 50% increase in electricity costs

  • Fertiliser prices have trebled

  • Cider market remains very poor

  • The only certainty is that farm subsidies will be phased out but there are no replacements on the table that provide the industry with any confidence

  • Still plenty of work converting orchards to agroforestry and "shake and catch" compatible trees

Our Present Farm..

We operate in an incredibly dynamic environment, weather being the major variable factor. This effect’s soils temperature, air and water saturation, crop growth, pest & disease intensity, beneficial insects activity, fieldwork restriction’s and markets. Planning is incredibly difficult and rationalising modern homogenous food requirements often compromises the quality of food and drink in many agricultural sectors. We run a modern business that works with nature to nurture optimal nutrition for our customers.

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