Our produce

We work really hard to grow naturally nutrient dense produce in balance with nature. To maintain it’s integrity, for optimal nutrition and taste, we opt to only supply seasonably fruit or freshly squeezed juice.

By concentrating on getting our bit right on the farm and supplying in bulkier options, we see many ways that our customers “work their magic” with our fruit and juices by optimising quality throughout.

Nobody need miss out as evidenced by the diverse range of customers we have:-

  • Craft cider and Perry producers

  • Juice drinks companies promoting positive health

  • Craft brewers diversifying into fruit beers

  • Artisan distilleries

  • Individuals who value wellness

  • Farm shops

  • Craft brewers diversifying to Cider and Perry to boost summer sales

  • Food buying syndicates

  • Individuals & groups with their own fruit that needs pressing

  • Home brewing enthusiasts

  • Individuals hosting special occasions

You would expect us to claim we grow “Top fruit” but definitively, we do :-

top fruit (top fruit): NOUN BRITISH
fruit grown on trees rather than bushes. (source Cambridge dictionary online)