Heritage Apples - U pick

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Heritage Apples - U pick

Whether you are a top craft cider producer needing to glean the very best heritage varieties or a keen amateur wanting to experience the thrill of carrying out the whole cider making process, this option is ideal for you.

Contact us to discuss availability and arrange a suitable time. Arrive with your own packaging / harvesting equipment and we will and we will direct you to the orchard with some useful guidance. The produce can then be weighed on our newly installed weighbridge and payment settled.

Records of growing cider fruit at Throne Farm date back to the 17th Century.

Dark orchard and Anderson orchards remain largely unchanged from the traditional extensive "standard" grazed orchard.

They are grown as part of the mid tier stewardship scheme with absolutely no artificial inputs and with a view to doing our bit to maintain the historic Herefordshire orchard landscape.

As old trees have perished, we have replaced them with a multitude of traditional varieties.

Priced per 200 Kg (approximately 8 sacks)

Varieties include

Wilbury, Old Hereford, Bulmers Norman, Brown Snout, Chisel Jersey, Bloody Turk, Michelin, Strawberry Norman, Yarlington Mill, Browns, Kingston Black. Ashton Brown, Somerset Red, Adams Permain, Winnals Early, Medaille D'or, Foxwhelp, Broadleaf Norman, Cherry Norman, Blenheim Orange, Sweet Alford, Richard Norman and Cherry Permain.

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