Browns Apples in wooden bins shake & catch harvested

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Browns Apples in wooden bins shake & catch harvested

Browns apple are classified as sharp with a very fruity aroma, high acidity and relatively low Tannins

These are grown in Fox agroforestry orchard

Consistency and quality is achieved through our "Shake & Catch harvest system and this variety is earlier ripening and more reliable than our comparable Heritage varieties. Fruit is then rapidly chilled so overall this is the closest you will get to a hand picked sample, without such a large premium cost. The sample you should expect will be subject to a small degree of bruising and variation in apple sizes.

We can achieve a target weight per bin of 320 Kg with most varieties in most seasons

Wooden fruit bins are made of robust ply with single entry pallet bases.

They have been previously used but are all in good serviceable condition.

We can offer a refund on bins returned in good condition but find that most customers find multiple uses for these versatile bins.

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