TMR - Complete Beef Finishing diet

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Brand: Throne farm

Just ad lib feed, that's all you need to do!

A diet specially formulated for optimal total Finishing performance, fortified with fully mineralised Actisaf live yeast

Performance at least 1.46 Kg/head/day live weight gain bulls, 1.35 Kg/head/day live weight gain steers.

The Keys to success with this diet

* Orkel baling technology

* Professionally formulated ration

* Optimised nutrition via crimping and fermentation

* Own grown proteins and cereals for low food miles

* Sustainable locally sourced

What this means for you

* Simplicity with only one ration to feed

* Optimised transport and storage

* Saving fuel & labour, simply cut the bale and feed

* Low wastage

* Crops grown regeneratively with minimal chemical inputs

* Crops grown as part of an agroforestry system

Requires forklift unloading

Price per bale - equivalent to £170 / tonne based on average bales weight 1.036T on weighbrige scales.

Happy to sell on tonnage basis for big loads by separate arrangements, please call.

Nb - Copper levels in the mineral mix may render the diet unsuitable for sheep

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