What’s happening this spring……..

Concerns over an extremely mild early winter have turned to a very chilly early spring. This will delay the onset of growth and could mean poor pollination as not enough of our beneficial insects are active.

This Spring

In spite of currency changes that would be expected to deter imports, economic uncertainty continues to influence our plans:-

  • • As Wheat prices are so low, we are either planting a grass / clover mix to replenish the soil or maize

  • • We will cut down a further 4000 Bramley apple trees because the prices continue to be so poor.

  • • We have gathered graft wood from 70 heritage apple varieties and will graft these onto 2000 Bramley apple trees.

  • Trials on composts, compost teas and cover crops will continue.

  • • Three hundred Pear and One hundred Quince trees were planted in Football field. This forms part of an agroforestry initiative with the woodland trust

  • • The Lapwings have returned to Park meadow and we are working around at least four active nests.

Our Present Farm..

We operate in an incredibly dynamic environment, weather being the major variable factor. This effect’s soils temperature, air and water saturation, crop growth, pest & disease intensity, beneficial insects activity, fieldwork restriction’s and markets. Planning is incredibly difficult and rationalising modern homogenous food requirements often compromises the quality of food and drink in many agricultural sectors. We run a modern business that works with nature to nurture optimal nutrition for our customers.

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